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People disagree. Relationships end. People separate. These are facts of life.

At Yes Mediate we don't underestimate the levels of anger and upset that can be caused when people fall out. It can be hard to talk to each other. There can be a tendency to dwell on the past. But there may be important matters that can't simply be put to one side. We want to help people sort these things out in a positive way - themselves.

If a couple separate we will mediate on what is best for any children and how money can be shared fairly.

If directors or partners in a family business fall out we will mediate on how to resolve the problem.

And if relatives or beneficiaries can't agree on what is best for their elderly parents, we will mediate on what will work well for everyone involved going forward.

Our job is to create a safe environment where we can assist people to reach decisions about what matters to them - at an affordable fixed cost.

Hopefully they will still be able to talk to each other in the future.



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